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Financing Your Adoption

Today's parents research just the right car seat, crib, and baby formula to buy. But adoptive parents have the extra financial burden of legal fees, orphanage fees, travel expenses, licenses, homestudy, and much more. All this and still be able to support a child afterwards.

This site was created to help you with your decision to adopt. Here you will find links and information that hopefully will provide you with solutions to make your adoption happen. Then you can move on to decorating the little one's room.

Good Places to Start

The National Adoption Clearing House is a comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families. It contains a great amount of useful information, including the National Adoption Directory Online. This frequently updated database includes state-by-state listings of public officials, as well as all public and private adoption agencies and support groups for adoptive parents and for people searching for birth relatives.

SmartMoney.com: 10 Things Your Adoption Agency Won't Tell You By Michele Marchetti, March 17, 2004

National Endowment for Financial Education publishes information for people who would like to consider adoption but are reluctant because they believe that the process is too expensive. It is also for families who, caught up in the emotions of adopting, may not have given serious thought to some of the less obvious financial aspects of adoption. Here you'll find out about expenses common to most adoptions, as well as those unique to the adoption of waiting children, to independent adoptions, and to international adoptions. You'll also learn about financial assistance and tax breaks available to adoptive parents. (From NEFE.com.)

Last updated 7 January 2007.


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